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Florida Sunshine Law

Charter schools must follow open meeting and public record laws much like government entities. The Florida Sunshine Law and Public Records Law are complex and potentially hazardous if not followed precisely. It is important to involve an experienced and informed lawyer from the beginning to ensure transparency of communications and meetings, and to respond properly to public records requests and develop policies that help ensure compliance with these laws.

Partner attorney Melissa Gross-Arnold has spent more than 17 years handling governmental law matters on top of her experience as an education law attorney serving clients in Florida and Georgia. She is a Florida Bar board-certified expert in education as well as city, county and local government law.

At Arnold Law Firm, we focus on the details. Our attorneys are thorough, and we walk our clients through compliance, response to records requests, conducting open meetings and how to protect themselves. We can help your school develop compliant operational systems that function with efficiency.

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Open Records and Sunshine Statutes Attorneys in Jacksonville

We work with charter schools across the state regularly on issues of maintaining proper compliance with the laws and violations of the law. The depth and breadth of these laws reaches into nearly every part of a school's operations, and violations can be grounds to terminate or severely penalize a charter school.

Exemptions to both the Open Meetings and Public Records laws can be complex. A charter school must follow specific procedures to identify these exemptions. Proper compliance in these areas is of the utmost importance.

We provide practical counsel, representation and resolution through the course of any investigation or litigation involving alleged violations of these laws.

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We provide governmental rates and preferential rates to clients affiliated with the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS).

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