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Florida Private School Lawyers

We are a full service law firm for private schools seeking legal consultation, guidance and/or representation in Florida. Our lawyers provide comprehensive services to private schools throughout the state, including:

  • Consultation with your team about organizational structure; governmental and private school funding; property lease, purchase and use, construction contracts; employment and school policies; contracts; management; governance; transportation, and other needs
  • Compliance with applicable state and federal laws, regulations and policies, including McKay Scholarships, Opportunity Scholarships and VPK
  • Family law issues impacting schools-parental responsibility mandatory child abuse repeating, school responsibility regaring restraining orders and subpoenas for teacher testimony in family law proceedings.
  • FERPA and IDEA compliance for private scholls receiving federal funding
  • Mediation, negotiation and litigation services

At Arnold Law Firm, we handle keep up to date on issues affecting private schools. We are engaged in the process and keep our clients informed, thereby minimizing legal costs to our clients.

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Collaboration With State Relating to Funding, Programs and Services

Funding for programs and services is a high priority issue for schools throughout the state. Securing funding can be challenging and the complex application process is confusing to navigate. We are familiar with the challenges schools face.

Private schools in Florida may be eligible for a variety of state-funded programs, such as VPK, McKay Scholarships and Opportunity Scholarships. We help private schools obtain funding through state programs for which they may be eligible. and ensure they are receiving their fair share of funds from school districts. We also ensure that private schools are in compliance with state funding programs for children with disabilities and/or special education issues such as the McKay Scholarship Program.

Florida has multiple state programs that make funding for private schools available. We assist our clients in all areas of education law with collaborative approaches while striving to facilitate and sustain long-term relationships between stakeholders, regulators and schools.

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