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Florida School Governance Lawyers

Charter schools throughout Florida must comply with the organizational structure laid out in their charter school application and agreed upon by the school district in which they function. In order to function properly, both public and private schools need structured rules of governance and accountability. Additionally, there must be compliance with applicable State and Federal Statutes and regulations.

Only a lawyer experienced with education law specific to charter schools can ensure this process leads to an organized structure that minimizes liability, facilitates open and collaborative meetings, transparent communications and record keeping, and complies with all statutes, regulations and policies.

At Arnold Law Firm, we assist schools and management organizations in creating comprehensive systems that provide straightforward compliance, streamlined communications and thorough record keeping in all governance functions. We are preferred vendors of legal services to the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS) with education law experience that spans more than a decade.

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Charter School and Private School Governance Attorneys in Jacksonville

Our legal advice and guidance help schools comply in observance of the public's rights and protections for public schools. We advise clients on internal rules such as bylaws, hiring and evaluations, and rules of order for correct parliamentary proceedings, and we advise on external laws and regulations such as hiring and Sunshine laws. We work with clients who are in the application process and schools that need to revise bylaws and governance structures to comply with new charter laws.

Charter school laws are in a constant state of flux, and we remain up to date to ensure our clients remain in compliance. We work collaboratively with clients, governing boards, school districts and other stakeholders to preserve long-term relationships and to ensure efficient and effective governance within schools.

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We provide governmental rates and preferential rates to clients affiliated with the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS).

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