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Appeals of Charter Application Denials or Charter Contract Terminations

If your charter school application has been denied by a school board, you have 30 calendar days to appeal the denial to the Florida State Board of Education. Time is of the essence in these situations, and it is critical to involve a charter school lawyer who is Board Certified in Florida Education Law and has extensive experience in the appeals process.

At Arnold Law Firm, we have helped clients throughout Florida prepare for appeal, and we have represented clients before the Charter School Appeal Commission and Florida State Board of Education involving charter application appeals.

Florida law has also recently changed with respect to charter contract terminations and non-renewals. Unless there is an immediate termination, a formal hearing is now held at the school board or the Division of Administrative Hearings before the school board issues a final order to terminate or non-renew a charter contract. It is important to involve a lawyer in this process to give your school the best chance possible to remain open or to set the best record for appeal. An accurate and complete record is more important than ever because termination and non-renewal appeals are now heard by the District Court of Appeal rather than the State Board of Education.

At Arnold Law Firm, we have worked with clients facing charter contract termination or charter non-renewal. We have represented them in administrative proceedings. Under some circumstances, it is best for the students and the charter school to negotiate a voluntary closure. We have counseled charter schools on this process and helped them navigate through the often complex procedures associated with charter school closure.

Our Jacksonville law firm is a preferred vendor of legal services to the Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools (FCPCS). Our attorneys are engaged and informed, keeping up to date on the evolving nature of education law and the state and local politics affecting the review and evaluation processes.

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Florida Charter School Appeal Lawyers

We work hand-in-hand with your team. Partner attorney Melissa Gross-Arnold has served as a mediator on behalf of the Department of Education. Having been through the application review and school performance evaluation processes many times with a variety of clients from across the state, we are fully equipped to draft a written appeal based on review of the school board's specific reasons for denial of your charter application. This experience also gives us added insight for charter schools facing termination.

Resolving Denial and Termination Issues Diplomatically

The written appeal of a charter application is based on the record, so it is important that an appropriate record is developed before denial and that the appeal is drafted carefully. With our assistance and representation, your full rights on appeal to the State Board will remain intact. We work to resolve the issue of charter application denial as diplomatically as possible to prevent further delays in the process. We understand that, even if you win a charter application denial appeal, you will still need to go back and receive approval from the school board. We respect the need to develop a working relationship with the school board in the future that might be difficult if an appeal or a termination or non-renewal has been handled in a way that has destroyed mutual respect by the parties.

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